About Us

Lee Herzog Consulting (LHC) brings over 30 years of experience in the Facade Access Consulting field.
Review of the web page tallbuildings.com, is an example of LHC vast consulting experience, since of the 10 buildings
listed Lee Herzog has personally designed the Facade Access Equipment on five of these super hi-rise towers. To
name a few of these towers, they include; The Burj, Jin Mao, Taipei 101, and Petronas Towers, In addition, presently
under construction, Freedom Tower, NYC USA and in design, Kingdom Tower, SA. Mr Herzog designed new systems
for hundreds of towers all over the world.

Mr. Herzog served as chairman of the American Societies of Mechanical Engineers A120.1 Standard for over
20 years. The A120.1 Standard is recognized throughout the world as the Safety Standards for Building
Maintenance Units (BMU's).